Eyebrow Shaping


Eyelash Extensions at Essentials MetroWest Spa & Salon

 Semi-Permanent (Mink) Lashes

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are perfect for everyday wear, as well as special occasions! They are semi-permanent, last longer than strip and individual lashes, and each lash is applied individually to your own natural lashes. You can choose from our natural or glamour looks. With proper care or touch-up visits from our expert salon professionals, they can last 60 – 90 days. It is necessary to get touch-ups to fill in the fallen lashes. Our essentials day spa recommends getting touch-ups every 2 to 3 weeks, however, this will vary from person to person. Your natural lash cycle as well as how you take care of your lashes will affect how long they last. 

Semi-Permanent(Mink) Lashes : $129.00

Glamour(Volume) Lashes : $149.00

In-fill : $80 and up

Removal: $20.00

LVL Lash Lift at Essentials Spa & Salon Metrowest

LVL stands for Length, Volume, and Lift. Essentials Spa & Salon provides this stunning alternative to eyelash extensions! LVL has been designed to enhance your natural eyelashes by straightening them rather than curling to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. No adhesive or lash extensions used. No mascara needed.With LVL, your results are immediately visible, plus your fabulous new look will last up to 6 weeks. LVL can be a more cost effective, lower maintenance alternative to lash extensions.

Lash Lift : $60.00

Eyelash or Eyebrow Tinting  :   $20.00



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